Annex to the priory our establishment was built in 1711, close to the church of Welferding. Saint Walfrid, patron saint of the parish founded by the Benedictine monks of Tholey gave his name to the village of Welferding united with Sarreguemines since 1964.

After the French Revolution the farm was sold at an auction and the monks were turned away. It then became a place, offering bed and board to carters and their horses who towed barges along the Sarre Canal. Although, until the 70's, the Inn looked more like a village café than a restaurant.

Since 1889, when the name of the ancestor Joseph Bock was first mentioned, the tradition of hospitality and keeping a good table has been perpetuated by five generations of the Schneider family, to the greatest satisfaction of their guests.


Fifth generation at the helm of Auberge Saint Walfrid, true to his father’s spirit, Stephan Schneider perpetuates the family tradition and defends the culture of culinary art and hospitality.

2019 will remain a milestone year for the Inn.
The building is enlarged and the hotel has additional rooms and doubles its capacity. That same year, the hostel's second, Matthieu Otto, Bocuse d'Or France 2017, represented France in the international competition.

Sustainable development

The Saint Walfrid Inn has taken determined steps towards management and environmental quality in order to integrate the principles of sustainable development.

"We do not inherit the earth from our forefathers, we borrow it from our children", Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.