Stephan Schneider, Maître Cuisinier of France (one star in the Michelin Guide).

Faithful to his father's spirit, who was very respectful of family traditions and of his city's heritage, Stephan Schneider is nonetheless open to new technologies and trends. He knows, with natural flair, how to prepare foods from other parts of the world, without loosing his authenticity. The dishes he invents express the generosity of this kind-hearted man, willing to pass onto others his knowledge and know-how. His creative and sophisticated cuisine, using mostly local products, is attuned to the seasons. A lover of wine, with an obvious preference for the vineyards of Bourgogne, his superb wine cellar pays a magnificent tribute to Bacchus.

"I was raised by my grand parents (my grandfather was a home distiller who taught me the art of distillation), and throughout my childhood I regularly helped in harvesting fruit and vegetables from our gardens. My father, Jean-Claude, taught me how to cook, I then investigated further into the culinary art by joining the kitchen of famous restaurants such as "Le crocodile" in Strasbourg and "Le Palme d'Or" in Cannes. Thanks to my father, the family Inn finally grew into a reputed gastronomic restaurant where we worked as a complementary and efficient duet. After his untimely death in 2005 and our twenty years of collaboration, I started working and cooking solo."

1 étoile Michelin        Maître Cuisinier de France      Qualité MOSL